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Brazil Watch RC4

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Jaermann & Stübi, the Timepiece of Golf, is paying tribute to Brazil, host of the 2016 Olympic Games, a global event made all the more signifcant by golf’s return as an Olympic sport in August 2016.

Jaermann & Stübi’s flagship «Royal Open» collection is therefore presenting a new series of models to celebrate the Olympic return (after 112 years of absence) of golf – the world’s most practised individual sport.

This timepiece benefits from a shock absorber, which enables golfers to play with the watch on their wrist without any risk of damaging it. This new Brazil edition model also features a counter that displays the playing time spent on a 9-hole or 18-hole course. And globetrotting golfers will always be on time, as the «Royal Open» watch also displays a second time zone.
型: Brazil Watch
参考号: RC4
表殼: 精致精钢表壳
錶帶: 橡胶或皮革表带,镶色线缝,内衬吸汗皮革。
尺寸: 44 毫米
機芯: 自动机械式机芯,口径A10-2,25颗红宝石,因家百录防震,赫兹或摆频每小时28800次,42小时能量储备。蓝色螺栓,铭刻有叶曼时度时计狮鹫标志。
周折: -
功能: 报时,报分,长针报秒, 在2时整用旋入式表冠可调
防水性能: 100米